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Supporting Customers, Supporting Communities

At Elevation Connect, we believe that helping our community is as important as helping our customers. We believe the adage that a rising tide lifts all ships – the sentiment is in our name

Performance for Purpose

Welcome to “Performance for Purpose”! We are dedicated to elevating and empowering human potential. Since our founding we have dedicated 20% of our gross profits to various charitable organizations focused on families in need, particularly at-risk youth. In 2019 we became the main sponsor for Peaceful Hugs ( and Legacy Children’s Academy ( These are just a few of the examples of how we “Elevate” our brothers and sisters in need. For more information on the various charities we serve please email

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The mission of Peaceful Hugs is to serve Single Parents, “At Risk” youth, and people in need. We provide employment and educational opportunities through our partner businesses and educational institutions in order to help foster personal and professional growth to those in our program! In addition, Peaceful Hugs is looking to reinvigorate declining neighborhoods through the purchase of vacant lots and homes in order to build new homes, or remodel existing ones, while supporting residents in the community and by providing potential housing for those in the program.

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